Toyota 2TZ Head Gasket Set


Toyota 2TZ Head Gasket Set
Toyota 2TZ head gasket kit. This kit suits 2TZ-FZE and 2TZ-FE engines including supercharged and non supercharged motors.

Great quality - Made in Taiwan
Brand - insbe
NZ$ 135.00
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Kit includes:

Head gasket
Exhaust manifold gaskets
Rocker cover gasket
Inlet manifold gaskets
Spark plug seals
Valve stem seals
Assortment of other gaskets, seals and orings (as seen in picture)

Models Years
Estima TCR10 Emina 1990-1999
Estima TCR11 1990-1999
Estima TCR20 Emina 1990-1999
Estima TCR21 1990-1999
Previa TCR10 1990-1999
Previa TCR20 1990-1999
Estima TCR10 1994-1999
Estima TCR20 1994-1999


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