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Cylinder Head Supplies Ltd - Ph: 027 33 33 303  

We are fully comited to offering the automotive market a premium service and products like no other . All our new cylinder heads go though a comprhesive quality check process done by us before they leave our shelfs to ensure we always meet our customers needs and expectations.

Some of the checks we do.

  • Water jacket vacuum leak test / pressure test 
  • Valve guide oil clearences
  • Precombustion chambers are fitted correctly
  • Valve seats are machined correctly
  • Camshaft tunnel alignment
  • Head gasket face check to ensure all holes are correct
  • Valves seat inserts are seated correctly
  • Check oil galleries are clean and free flowing
  • Check head gasket face for flatness and/or damage
  • Over all visual inspection to ensure all looks correct

Checks vary depending on make and model


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